Tekpea Inc. and Gruppo Rold announce a partnership for the purpose of jointly developing solutions that more efficiently connect appliances to home networks.

In the last years, the mass-market availability of connected smart devices has created new expectations. As consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about home energy management, vendors are differentiating their offerings to fit specific lifestyle needs. On the product side, a growing number of consumer companies want their devices participate the home networks. On the service side operators are trying to extend Smart Services into homes. Costly and complex solutions, together with leaking of standards has been the main barrier to mass deployment of Smart Home solutions so far. This is why Tekpea and Gruppo Rold established a strategic collaboration to supports utilities, telecom companies and appliances manufacturers with an embeddable, multiprotocol solution to provide home networking and energy management features at a very competitive cost.
Tekpea and Rold have developed an embeddable open solution, able to integrate any standard or proprietary communication protocol in existing appliances and devices, with a completely modular architecture, in order to reduce upfront hardware costs. The Tekpea’s modular approach enable tailored solutions for energy management, advanced metering, smart appliances, light management, and other demand-response applications for homes and commercials. Thanks to the Rold’s unique and proofed competencies is now easy than ever for appliances manufacturers to connect their devices to the Smart Home Network and control them from a power and reliable Cloud Platform through web-based graphic user interface. Real-time and historical energy data review, remote control and telemetry for any electronic devices or appliance is now possible in a secure way. And maintenance costs can be drastically reduced thanks to the remote upgrading of all components’ firmware in real time.
“Historically, it has been the electrical equipment suppliers who have played the leading role in developing the home automation market. Now, there is established interest from consumer electronics manufacturers, energy traders and telecommunication companies, and ranges of so-called “smart” appliances. Many of these companies will also need to co-operate to realize the full potential of smart home services.” said Davide Tappeiner, President & Ceo of Tekpea, Inc. Than he added “Collaboration will be a must for the success of the smart home services market. This is why Tekpea gives high relevance to the partnership with a major player like Gruppo Rold. We intend to strongly push on vertical integrations with major appliances manufacturers to improve significantly our market share in the next years and accelerate mass deployment of Smart Home solutions.”
Paolo Barbatelli, Innovation Manager of Gruppo Rold declared that “Rold identified in the Tekpea’s technology the most effective response to the growing demand for white appliance management solutions. The ability to easily integrate a multiprotocol communications technology in any home electronic device will lead to a tremendous acceleration of the market.” He also stated that “The fifty years of experience of Rold in the field and the distinctive skills of Tekpea will be able to open a new phase in the for smart appliances development.”