Tekpea Inc. unveils its new technology platform which extends the Smart Grid into homes and businesses at CeBIT, the world’s leading high-tech event.

Thanks to a unique approach Tekpea supports utilities, telecom companies and appliances suppliers with a complete solution platform providing home networking features at a very competitive cost thanks to its multiprotocol technology. The modular approach allows system integrators and service operators to provide tailored solutions for energy management, advanced metering, smart appliances, light management, and other demand-response applications for homes and commercials.
All the services are provided by a power and reliable Cloud Platform through web-based graphic user interface enabling real-time and historical energy data review, remote control of lights, devices and appliances, and administration of accounts and services. The platform grants secure end-toend tunnel and allows the remote upgrading of all components’ firmware in real time down to the module chipset level.
At CEBIT, Tekpea will also present an exclusive solution for the telecommunication market segment able to transform any existing Telcos’ DSL routers in a low consumption energy gateway without compromising the original routing functionalities. This innovative approach let to avoid hardware duplication and reduce energy consumption.
Thanks to an over 15 years experienced team, Tekpea has developed an embeddable open solution, able to integrate any standard or proprietary communication protocol in existing appliances and devices, with a completely modular architecture, in order to reduce upfront hardware costs. Thereby Tekpea overcome two of the main obstacle for a mass adoption of home energy management solutions.
Tekpea is strictly focused on a constant technology improvement leaving integration and deployment of the smart energy solutions to system integrators, utility companies, telecommunication operators and appliances manufacturer. This vertical integration of competencies among the major market players is the key factor of the Tekpea’s business model.
“CEBIT is a barometer of the state of the art in information technology. There isn’t in the world an opportunity better than this to unveil our innovative platform” said Davide Tappeiner, President & Ceo of Tekpea, Inc. “We want to shot to the ICT business community how our technology and business model can allow a breakthrough in the Smart Home market.”, he added.
Tekpea technology has many technology patents and the company is in the process of applying for additional ones. Protection of intellectual property establishes Tekpea position as a pioneer in the energy management market space.