Tekpea’s Unveils Energy Management Solution at Hannover Messe 2011

NEWARK, N.J (April 1, 2011).
Tekpea Inc., developer of a market-changing energy
management solution for utility companies, homes and small businesses, will unveil its Tecosystem,™ a comprehensive energy management system, at Hannover Messe, beginning April 4.
Offering consumers the ability to measure and control energy usage, the Tekpea Tecosystem is a comprehensive line of products and services that offers customers the ability to monitor and measure energy usage and provide the real-time power consumption data to utility companies and their customers.
“We are excited to be able to unveil our new product line to the international community at Hannover Messe,” said Davide Tappeiner, co-founder and president of Tekpea Inc. “With our line of energy management products, customers can easily measure energy use and make informed choices about energy conservation. It’s a real win-win for utility companies and their customers.”
Through its unique two-way communication between the utility company and its customers, the Tecosystem enables remote real-time energy reading, demand-response programming, and forecasting of customer energy usage.
Tekpea is currently taking orders for the Tekpea Tecosystem for Q4 2011 shipping.