The major advantages of Tekpea’s highly modular, building block-based platform are the range of possible applications, its adaptability to existing conditions and the rate at which new products and solutions can be built, released, and further developed.

Here are some examples of applications of our technology platform. Because the platform is so flexible, new business cases and use cases develop frequently.

Advanced Metering

A nimble, resilient and cost-efficient solution for reading and controlling water, power and gas flow in challenging infrastructure conditions in a variety of existing and upcoming scenarios.

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Demand Response

Give the (smart) grid a break, save energy and make customers happier by making devices and appliances communicate real-time.

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Automation&Telemetry iconAutomation and Telemetry

Tekpea enables device and appliance manufacturers to add intelligence and communication capabilities to their existing product lines with a simple, yet advanced solution.

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Smart Lighting

A further reduction in energy use, beyond the inherent savings of Solid State Lighting (LED). Easily and cost-­effectively upgrade your existing lighting system with advanced energy efficiency features.

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