Add intelligence and communication capabilities into regular, standalone devices and appliances: real-time data acquisition, remote control and advanced support.

Our comprehensive technology enables device and appliance manufacturers to add intelligence and communication capabilities to product lines with a simple and cost-effective solution. Applications include home appliances, Thermostats, HVAC units, vending machines, lighting management systems, sensors, commercial and industrial equipment, plus anything else that can work better and smarter when connected.

Two-way communication is everything

It has been several decades since personal appliances such as phones were mass-adopted. Today, the confluence of technology and energy conservation requires device and appliance manufacturers to increase the value of every single “dumb” product (including a basic Thermostat or a water meter) by transforming them into smart solutions, from home automation to healthcare.

In order for devices and solutions to be “smart”, they need a real-time, two-way communication of data, from each measurement point to the Cloud.

Tekpea resolves this challenge by providing an end-to-end communication capability that works across different standard protocols, that is very easy to deploy and scale, and that is economically viable.

There are several ways to connect devices to the cloud.

The challenge lies in how practical and economical a solution is in order to make actual business sense for providers and customers.

The “Things” as in “Internet of Things” is not just about smart devices, it is fundamentally about one single communications method allowing all devices to work together. This includes Cloud analysis, coordination, and applications that properly communicate back and forth with end users.

It’s about complexity and Tekpea addresses these challenges with sheer simplicity. Tekpea provides a solution that is reliable, financially accessible and works.

Tekpea technology platform includes multi-protocol modules that can be produced in a variety of form factors. Every single module is field upgradable and updatable, and it is securely connected to the Internet through an industry-first, multi-protocol Bridge.

Interfaces and presentation

Tekpea’s cloud services provide data presentations, storage, encryption, load balance, billing, data mining and RESTful web services API for rapid development of 3rd party applications, including mobile and offline modes. Applications are customizable, brandable and easy to maintain with minimal deployment costs.