For most organizations, making large investments in energy management technologies is not economically viable.

We enable any organization to easily build and deploy solutions that work, at a cost that is affordable. How? Solutions based on our technology are able to adapt to different geographies, infrastructure, existing conditions and even hardware.

On another angle, the exploding urbanization in rapidly growing regions worldwide is driving an unprecedented demand for energy. A demand that is not being met, and won’t be met, without a viable solution for monitoring and controlling energy consumption.

As an example, with our solution businesses and municipalities can gather water, power and gas consumption information through a cloud-­based platform and by setting time a secure,two-­way communication channel for active monitoring and control. Consumption data for each defined cluster is collected from a data concentrator (Gateway) over an existing common area Power Line and it is securely transmitted to a cloud server for remote data management and control.

The value of adaptability

Advanced metering solutions always need to fit into existing conditions. And, each customer has its own unique needs.

Tekpea’s technology platform is based on building blocks, that can be simply combined together to easily meet any customization requirement, keeping investments at a reasonable level. Our unique multi-protocol technology (PLC, ZigBee, RF) and its inherent interoperability enable adaptability to a variety of scenarios and an easy integration with 3rd party technology and localization.

Eliminate unnecessary costs

Our solutions do not require oversized network appliances and wireless devices, that need to be on 24×7, are not entirely reliable in most grid conditions, consume a lot of power, making upfront and running costs unnecessarily high.

Moreover, solutions based on our technology don’t require extra wiring nor additional wireless devices. We minimize both hardware and bandwidth requirements. This is how we are able to lower costs and upfront investments, making deployments accessible and passing the savings on to our partners and customers.

The module we use for each measurement point is designed for that very task, with very low consumption. More savings that, with millions of meters, sum up into a big number for everyone’s benefit, for a positive energy balance.