Managing energy demand – for consumers and energy companies

Demand Response simply means managing the ever-increasing demand for electricity. Consumers save money and energy by lowering consumption at peak times, during high electricity prices. For example, by lowering the thermostat by a few degrees. Utility companies add stability to the grid, balance grid frequency, ease congestion on specific power lines, and even mitigate the intermittent availability of wind and solar power.

An automated response

In order to effectively manage energy demand, appliances and devices need to be two-way connected, so that they can automatically change behavior in response to real-time signals from the grid.

Tekpea helps building demand response devices and solutions by providing an end-to-end communication platform that works across different standards and protocols, it is very easy to deploy and scale, and that is economically reasonable.

Applications include but are not limited to Smart Plugs, circuit control and energy measurement DIN Rail modules, Thermostats and HVAC Units, PV Inverters and Energy Storage, Meters, and any other device that need to be connected to the grid.