A disruptive technology platform that enables any organization to easily build and deploy viable energy management and automation solutions. Designed for cost-efficiency, from the ground up.


Tekpea’s industry-first multi-protocol communication technology (PLC, ZigBee, RF) and its inherent interoperability enables adaptability, easy integration with 3rd party technology and simple localization.

Secure and reliable

Security first. End-to-end secure communication, key encrypted 128-bit SSL. Then, it needs to work. Tekpea can demonstrate successful deployment in several working installations in challenging network conditions.

Low consumption

Every part of Tekpea’s platform has been designed for reducing unnecessary costs. As an example, our Modules power consumption is less than 1W. Now think of millions of meters and devices.


Solutions always need to fit into existing conditions. Each customer has its own unique needs. With our technology, our partners easily build advanced solutions in a variety of scenarios, by adapting to different geographies, existing conditions and challenging grid infrastructure.

Highly modular

Two-way connected building blocks can be simply combined together to meet any customization requirement, which means low-risk, advanced and scalable solutions.

Data recovery

Energy data is locally stored at various levels of our platform. Measurements are buffered and redundantly backed up in order to keep consistency with cloud data for prompt automatic data recovery.

Remote upgradability

Every single module is field upgradable and updatable. Improvements and new features are instantly, remotely deployed.